WEDOS Global Protection

Thousands of servers around the world to protect and speed up your website.
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Hluboká nad Vltavou, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

Frankfurt, Germany

Amsterdam, Netherlands

London, England

Paris, France

Lisbon, Portugal

Barcelona, Spain

Athens, Greece

Stockholm, Sweden

Zurich, Switzerland

Helsinki, Finland

Warsaw, Poland

Vienna, Austria

Munich, Germany

San Francisco, USA

Dallas, USA

Atlanta, USA

Miami, USA

Chicago, USA

New York, USA

Washington DC, USA

Seattle, USA

Mexico City, Mexico

Fortaleza, Brazil

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Santiago de Chile, Chile

Mombasa, Kenya

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Mumbai, India

Singapore, Malaysia

Hong Kong, China

Seoul, South Korea

Tokyo, Japan

Sydney, Australia

Lagos, Nigeria

Johannesburg, South Africa

Muscat, Oman

Istanbul, Turkey

Sofia, Bulgaria

Bogota, Colombia

Toronto, Canada

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Basic plan for 1 website
1 €/month 15-day TRIAL 1,21 €/month with VAT
  • our recommended settings
  • caching control (On / Off)
  • basic cookies and captcha protection
  • WordPress plugin
  • servers only in selected locations
  • community support
  • up to 10,000 visits per day


Everything your website needs
7 €/month 15-day TRIAL 8,47 €/month with VAT
  • all from the Start variant
  • smart protection, faster response + CDN
  • clean design for cookies and captcha
  • improved protection for WordPress
  • worldwide coverage
  • customer support 8/5
  • up to 5 million visits per day


For specialists with 1 website
100 €/month 121 €/month with VAT
  • all from the Advanced plan
  • GeoIP blocking, whitelists, blacklists
  • custom design of status pages
  • settings for individual URLs
  • own SSL certificate
  • customer support 8/5
  • up to 10 million visits per day


Tailor-made solutions
from 1000 €/month 1210 €/month with VAT
  • all from the Expert plan
  • contact person + AI
  • completely individual solution
  • training and consultation
  • individual SLA
  • 24/7 customer support
  • unlimited visitors

Offer for wholesale customers

Solutions for hosting providers, government and companies with hundreds of domains.


Solutions for large and demanding customers with hundreds of domains
From 0 € / month Pay as you go
  • all from the Ultimate plan
  • WEDOS DNS server names are used and set for domains
  • WEDOS autonomous system, WEDOS IP addresses
  • control via WAPI (WEDOS API), WEDOS administration
  • you only pay for protection when it is active

B2B Whitelabel

Ideal solution under your own brand, suitable for hosting companies
From 50 € / month Pay as you go
  • all from the Ultimate plan
  • custom DNS server names (no need to change it)
  • customer's own autonomous system, customer's own IP addresses
  • in addition, control via the customer's own (current) administration
  • you only pay for protection when it is active

The Pillars of Our Global Network

  • big data analysis of the traffic and all attacks on all our clients
  • nonstop detection (we protect all clients within seconds)
  • decentralised global coverage (all continents except Antarctica)
  • high availability (sites automatically backup and balance each other)
  • several different providers (we use different service providers)
  • anycast network - close to the attackers (we address filtering where the attacks originate)
  • machine learning - self-learning algorithms (the system is constantly evolving)
  • made in the EU, in accordance with European legislation) and without grants
  • 25 years of experience, millions of attacks every day, over 600,000 active services

How Can WEDOS Global Protection Help My Website?


We protect your websites from attacks and hacking attempts. No more slowdowns, outages or hacking attempts. We have decades of experience and traffic analysis of hundreds of thousands of customers.


Websites will load very quickly around the world. The visitor will be served by the nearest server from our global infrastructure.


Attackers will not find out the IP address of your server. All traffic will go through our Protection and only pure traffic will arrive on the site. According to the experience of our customers, this can save up to 90% of server performance.


Caching around the world will improve SEO scores. The website will get better positions in search results and customers will be more willing to buy on a fast website.

The principle of WEDOS Global

No data migration

Without changing hosting

Without installation

Without extra hardware

Setup takes 5 minutes. You don’t need any knowledge.

No credit card required.

WordPress plugin

Protect your website easily and effectively with our new WordPress plugin WEDOS Global Protection. The plugin allows you to quickly and easily create a new account on WEDOS Global or pair your existing one, directly from your WordPress administration without leaving the WordPress environment.

Plugin can be easily installed free-of-charge from your WordPress admin area.

This process immediately activates WEDOS Global Protection, which offers automated protection against DDoS attacks, hides your physical IP address, speeds up your website using our global anycast network and improves your SEO.

More information, charts and statistics will be available in the plugin in the future.

Geo-IP Blocking

Filtering traffic based on geographic location allows you to block traffic from entire countries or continents. It can be an effective way to cut off hackers.

Filter out the traffic you don’t need! Alternatively, enable only necessary areas.

Harmful Traffic

WEDOS Global Protection protects your website from attacks and access by malicious bots. This saves server resources.

Only real visitors and helpful robots will get to your website.

Filter out more than half of the harmful traffic! Speed up your website without increasing your hosting resources.

According to the experience of our customers, you can save over 90% of computing power. A weaker server or basic web hosting service is sufficient for operation.


We Cool the Servers In an Oil Bath.

We use the excess heat to heat our building and heat the water in the local swimming pool. 

We provide a fast and secure website for everyone!

Try it for free and be worry-free. You don’t need a credit card!

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Try it for free and be worry-free. You don’t need a credit card!